Saint Mere Eglise was very different to some of our small shows! The arena was quite small but the setting was amazing! Flags surrounded the arena and there were also some side stalls so we could go shopping for those items we forgot to bring! ( well – that’s my excuse !!)

The biggest difference at the show I noticed was the warm up arena. We did not have marshals telling us when we were allowed in so there were so many horses! It was quite hard getting used to asking for fences in French and dodging the horses when I was trying to ride to a fence ( no , no swear words were added to my vocabularly)



I competed Cupido in the 115 and the 125 over the two day   s of competition. The first day I was lucky enough to go clear and the second day I unfortunately had a bit of a communication error at fence 8 however managed to recover and jump clean the rest of the course. It was a great experience having a new horse in the ring as at home I only have a small team of horses that I compete. I am really looking forward to improving my accuracy and working on different aspects of my riding skills with Cupido.


I am enjoying being part of the daily life at Haras Du Ry. It is very interesting seeing the different stable and horse management that happens over here. Horses are obviously kept stabled here a lot more than horses at home and because of this they are exercised twice a day. They are ridden then in the afternoon. go on the walker or out in a field.


On Thursday morning we are heading to Chantilly to jump at the international show there. After seeing photos of the grounds a few years ago, I am very excited to have the opportunity to be able to compete here! It is amazing the historical aspects of the various shows that we are able to jump at here.

It is amazing here, if you are ever thinking of going overseas to ride Haras Du Ry offers some great opportunities?