Private Lessons- Own and BMG Horses


We offer a complete coaching service for Junior, Young rider and Adult riders. Riders are supported at each stage of their riding career, from Learning to ride through to competing at National and International Level Competitions. BMG Showjumping develops each student as an individual, setting goals to match the development and skills of their specific program.

Lessons can be taught on both the riders own horses or on one of BMG’s well schooled horses. Our school horses are matched to the riders and are available for the riders each time they ride. Our horses are available to be taken to competitions with the right riders.


  • Sarah specialises in Junior, Young Rider and Adult competition coaching and those wanting to see improvements in their riding.
  • She has achieved consistent Grand Prix/ World Cup results over the years.
  • Sarah is involved in every aspect of her students riding and competition planning. From the training at home, including lessons, schooling, horse fitness and management to competition event selection, warm-up and course walking.
  • Sarah is the coach for ambitious riders wanting to see improvements, with both their own horse or using one of our school horses.

Group Lessons – Own and BMG Horses

BMG Showjumping offers group lessons on both our well schooled horses as well as your own horse.

Groups are based on the riders level, age and goals. These groups run for 2 hours and include a maximum of 4 riders so every rider is able to have individual attention throughout the lessons.

We have 4 Group sessions that run weekly:

  • Ladies getting Back in the saddle: Monday and Wednesday Mornings 10am.
    Join BMG Showjumping for a fun ride with like minded others. Tea/Coffee provided after the lesson.
  • Competition Ready: Saturday 3pm
    Teens ready to start competing (intermediate- advanced riders). These riders will have the opportunity to attend shows, jump nights as well as essential skills such as competition planning, goal setting and advanced horse management so you are able to look after your horse before and after competitions.
  • Intermediate/ advanced groups: Friday 4pm
  • Ponies: Please contact BMG Showjumping if you are interested about our group lessons on ponies (beginner- advanced lessons).

Want More information? Contact BMG Showjumping for bookings and additional group lesson times!

Competition Help

In addition to lessons, Sarah is also available for Course walking, warming up, and post competition debriefs at shows. We regularly attend Northside Riding Club, Sydney Showjumping Club as well as many other shows across Sydney and Australia.

Please contact Sarah to discuss which shows you would like help at and availability.

Competition Team-BMG Horses

BMG Showjumping is able to provide horses for riders to take to competitions. Competition Packages include horse transport to and from the show and show help (course walking, warm up and post competition debrief).

The BMG Competition team allows riders to compete at shows across NSW and Australia. BMG Showjumping regularly attends Sydney Showjumping Club (twice per month) and Northside Riding Club (once per month) as well as interschool events and other large Showjumping shows.
Being part of the competition team allows riders to experience competitions under the guidance of Sarah Beale. BMG Showjumping provides show preparation, transportation for your horse, course walking, warming up and feedback from rounds.
BMG Showjumping Competition Team allows like-minded riders to come together at shows, help each other.

The competition team is for those riders who have regular lessons and BMG Showjumping and have been assessed and capable to attend. Sarah will run goal setting and competition planning with these riders.

If riders would like to join the BMG Showjumping Competition team please contact BMG Showjumping so we can match you to a horse and work on goals to attend the show.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if your goal is to compete, BMG Showjumping will give each rider a personalised goals program so they are able to work towards the competitions!

Leasing Horses

The BMG Showjumping Lease Program is an ideal way for competent riders to continue their riding education. BMG Showjumping allows riders who have regular lessons to practice what they have been taught on the same horse, away from a lesson environment.
Using the Lease program, riders have a great opportunity to:

  • Learn and experience all that owning a horse involves
  • Enjoy the horse without needing to make the usual capital investment in buying a horse, tack, and ongoing expenses such as vet, farrier, osteo, and agistment.
  • The horse is regularly ridden and kept fit and well trained so you are able to come and enjoy the horse without the commitment of regular daily training and upkeep time and costs.
  • There are no unexpected expenses if the horse becomes lame or sick.
  • If your circumstances change, you do not have to worry about looking after or selling the horse

Contact BMG Showjumping for more information on Our lease program!

Holiday Camps / Group Lessons

BMG Showjumping offers School Holiday camps for beginners through to advanced riders. Our camps offer two lessons, horse management skills, showjumping and a competition.

Camps range from half days to 3 days, Bring your own horse or use one of ours!

Each group will be based on age and ability of riders to ensure everyone gets the most out of each session.

Dates will be confirmed 3 weeks before the camps are held. If you would like to be notified of up coming camps, contact BMG Showjumping and keep an eye on our Facebook page!


Sarah is available for clinics both at BMG Showjumping , throughout NSW or elsewhere including international locations. If you or your club is interested in holding a clinic with Sarah, please contact BMG Showjumping for more information.