Training, Campaigning, Rehabilitation of Horses

Sarah has trained with some of the best showjumping and dressage riders in Australia and understands the importance of the correct training and management of horses in order to get the very best from them. Sarah has had experience in CSI 5* stables in Europe and has seen the importance of the management of horses for schooling, sales and Rehabilitation.

Training and Campaigning:
BMG Showjumping is well set up for Training and campaigning of horses and ponies. Focusing on the development of the horse with dressage, gymnastic exercises, course training, sales and competition preparation. BMG Showjumping is able to offer complete packages with Riding, Fitness training with our Horse-Trainer Treadmill as well as additional health and Respond System Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) rug.

Sarah is able to travel around the Northern Beaches and surrounding area‘s to assist with additional schooling of horses.

Sarah has had experience with rehabilitation of horses and has contacts with some of the best vets in NSW. BMG Showjumping is set up to be able to cater for horses that require rehabilitation including: Top farrier, physio and Chiropractor contacts. Horse-Trainer Treadmill, Respond System PEMF Blanket.

BMG Showjumping is set up with Stables, yards, small paddocks and larger paddocks that enable the transition from box rest to paddock to go smoothly.


BMG Showjumping offers long-term agistment to a small number of outside horses. Agistment packages all include a stable or yard for night, paddock during the day as well as a weekly lesson or horse schooling session.

Agisters are allocated space in the tack and feed room, use of the washbay, arena and jumps.
Extra’s that are available at a charge include use of lights on the arena, Horse-trainer Treadmill, additional lessons and schooling, Transport to shows, attending your horse for vet, farrier, oste etc.

If you would like more information on Agistment at BMG Showjumping, Please contact us!

Horse Sourcing

Purchasing a new horse can be a daunting process. Sarah has many contacts throughout Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany. If you are looking or a new partner whether it be your first horse, a horse for the family, international prospects or something in between, be sure to send us a message!

All the horses at BMG can be viewed for sale. If there is a horse that interests you contact us.

At BMG Showjumping we try to make the process of purchasing a horse the enjoyable and exciting experience that it should be!

Horse-Trainer Treadmill

BMG Showjumping is the only property on the Northern Beaches offering a treadmill for use. It is ideal for performance horse fitness, Rehabilitation or additional work on rainy days.
The Horse-Trainer:
– Improves condition, muscle development and flexibility
– Reduces the weight bearing on limbs by up to 60%

There are 10 pre set programs as well as the ability set personalised programs for each horse.

If you would like to use the Horse-trainer Treadmill, contact us to arrange a suitable time and pricing.

Respond System PEMF Solutions

The Respond Bio Pulse Sentry Blanket uses Pulsed electro magnetic field therapy to assist with circulation, decrease in inflammation and pain and the acceleration of healing. Read more here:

The Respond PEMF System covers all the major muscle groups of horses with eight large coils, coils for the hamstring and stifle as well as each leg.  The Bio Pulse Sentry blanket has 7 pulsing frequencies that can be used to treat horses. The Sentry blanket can be use as a preventative to injury as well as an additional treatment number of additional injuries.

The Bio Pulse Sentry blanket is used by some of the world top riders including Mclain Ward, Beezie Madden, Will Coleman.