Go the Aussies!! We had a great time cheering Amy on and watching her win the teams event and come 2nd in the Grand Prix! Well Done Amy! We were very lucky that Amy was able to get us accreditation to get not only into the event but also to the stables and riders party!



The first speed class event I was lucky enough to be able to walk the course. It was quite a big and technical track! I was a bit surprised at how small the arena and warm up was. Watching the class it was interesting seeing the lines riders took and how they rode the tricky parts of the course.

Following the class, Paige, Jacqui, Eliana and I madly went looking for dresses and heels to wear to the Hermes rider’s party. This party was definitely something else! It was held in the Hermes store and included food being served and champagne. It was very strange walking around the store eating our food!

The trip to Paris was an amazing experience, not only watching the top riders compete around some very large and tough tracks but also having a chance to do a small amount of sight seeing. A late night trip to the Eiffel Tower for crepes and walking around the Champs Elysee.

When we got back I had a chance to have a jump on my lease horse ‘Cupido’ to prepare for a small national show at St Mere Eglise. Cupido is a tall gelding with a quite a long stride. However he is a super cool horse! I am very lucky that Amy has let me ride him while I am here.

During the week I have also had a chance to have a ride on some of the young stallions Amy has in her stable. It was interesting to have a ride and small jump on them after having watched them go around at the young horse show. It was great to experience the difference in their jumps and learn what to do with the young horses.



I am really looking forward to my first show in France!